Own Activity


Citizenship. To me, it is part of my identity, it makes me who I am. And Singapore is where I live, the people and environment here plays a huge role in who I’ve grown to become. So for my own activity, being someone who does a lot of art, I decided to doodle a series of drawings to show the unique Singapore lifestyle based on my personal experiences.

I decided to create these doodles with the intention of it being a tiny bit humorous as part of being a Singaporean.

“Angry Mothers” is intended to be a joke because when I was younger, and just started primary school, apparently exams and studies weren’t a big deal to me. So every day after school I would watch television or basically do anything except studying and my mother would get home from work and start shouting at me to do my work. And that was a frequent occurrence during my primary school days. Now looking at my brother and many other primary school kids, I think that a lot of these kids are going through the same phase that I did where my mother would push me to study and how as I grow older I will subsequently realise the importance of education. I think it really shows the competitive lifestyle of Singaporeans or more commonly known as, “kiasu”. Which I think is somewhat funny because it seems like the mothers worry more about the child’s studies rather than the child herself/himself, sending them to tuition, worrying about them going to a good school etc. But jokes aside, no matter what, I think that mothers are really great. They will always want the best for you. And I really appreciate that. So this doodle is dedicated to the angry mums who work hard and and always want the best for their child’s future.

“Durian Season” is about my dad’s obsession with durians. I think when tourists come to Singapore, it is a must to eat durians because it’s a part of Singapore’s food culture. We even have an attraction looking like a durian. (esplanade) I decided to doodle durians as part of this project because I felt that being Singaporean, durians are a huge deal to our food culture, and an even huger deal to my Dad. Every time during the durian season, there will be a hype for durians amongst my family, especially my Dad. Around my neighbourhood, there will be this uncle always selling durians, and my family would always buy durians for him, but unfortunately we are not the only family who does so. So one day my Dad decided to ask the uncle for his phone number so he can “chop” (reserve) the durians before other customers buy them. I thought this was a funny story as I suppose in a humorous sense, it was very Singaporean thing to do as it was so “kiasu”.

“Kopi”, “Teh C” and “Milo” are words I hear often because it’s the name of the drinks my family orders every breakfast, which is why this doodle is titled “Breakfast”. I think Singapore coffee shops are a huge part of Singapore’s culture as it really brings out the uniqueness of the diversity of races, religions and languages in Singaporeans which leads to “Kopi” which is coffee, “Teh C” which is tea with carnation milk and so on. I think it’s a very special thing about Singapore and it brings about how you see people of all different races at a coffee shop ordering food that may not be of their backgrounds, for instance a Chinese lady eating roti prata. I think it really shows how people can live harmoniously and accept each other despite their differences.

Chop seat is basically about chopping seats at food courts, coffee shops etc. with tissue paper, umbrellas etc. When I was younger, it always made me laugh as it was such a “kiasu” thing to do. I feel like it really brings about the lifestyle and culture in Singapore because its such a “unique” thing to do. You don’t see it happen in other countries. Thus, I think that it’s a pretty special part of Singapore’s lifestyle.

Well, all in all, after doing these doodles, I feel like I’m much closer in terms of understanding my citizenship. I also realised how much of Singapore’s lifestyle has affect the way I live and see things. To grow up in a multi-cultural nation and to be educated from young that we should be accepting of each others’ differences regardless of race, language or religion, makes me real proud to be living in Singapore because it has helped me grow into a kinder person.



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