Worker Writes

After reading the poems written by the migrant workers, I was very impressed and at the same time glad that I got to hear their thoughts and feelings. My favourite poem has got to be “Shades of Light and Dark” by Rajeeb Shil Jibon. The way he writes induces a very dreamlike yet beautifully terrifying scenario. He describes the feeling of being lost and being away from home, for example, lines like “Maybe I will see a kite looking for its string”, meaning that he is the kite, looking for his home, lost in the wind and longing to go home which really tugs at your heart strings. What I really like about it is how he does not directly use “I” to express himself but describes objects in places working in unison to portray a feeling and somehow it is almost like I can imagine and feel how its like to be in these images and scenes he creates with words, which is really remarkable. I also like how the whole poem has a very mellow feel to it, lines like “Maybe I’m losing myself in a dream” and “Maybe one evening, a garden of clouds would desire me” really tugs at heart because it kind of makes you feel a little depressed at the brutal boldness of the true emotions that this foreign worker feels. It also makes me kind of understand how it feels to be in a foreign land, away from home, with no one who will truly care for you like a family member.

After reading this poem, I have a lot of respect for these foreign workers as I will never feel the pain and longing from being far away from home and the understand the hardships they face but I’m glad that after reading these poems from them, I get to empathise with what they’re feeling. And I hope the people out there who have despising mindsets of foreign workers reads these poems and realise they are human, they have feelings and they deserve respect and kindness. I believe that empathy will lead to a kind and peaceful world.


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