AEC Week 6 Reflection

What if Singapore doesn’t have any foreign domestic workers or foreign construction workers? What will happen? Write a story (or a blog entry).

The first thing that came to mind after I saw this reflection question was: If Singapore didn’t have an foreign construction workers, who will build our high rise buildings, who will build our homes? As much as Singaporeans like to complain about how foreign workers has cause us much trouble such as during the Little India Riot incident, i think that honestly, Singapore can’t do without them.

In Singapore, most of of our construction workers and foreigners and we should really be thankful towards them for working long hours under the sun to build our buildings and homes. Look out of the window right now, the buildings you see, they were the ones who made all of this possible. Singapore wouldn’t have all of this without them, thus i’m very grateful for them and all that we have.

Domestic workers. Hmm, I have decided to write a short story on this:

When I was 11, I had a maid and her name was Evi. My parents were always busy at work so Evi would fetch me to and fro from school. She would cook my meals and wash my clothes. Sometimes when I’m having a bad day, I talk to her about my frustrations and she would give me advice about everything. Sometimes she tells me stories about about her family back in her country and tears will roll down her face and then she will laugh it off, embarrassed, but deep down i know she misses her family. After the years went by, we became friends, she was like the extra family I never had. When i turned 17, my parents decided that we didn’t need a maid anymore, Evi left us but we promised to keep in contact. From then on there was no more Evi to tell my problems to, and no more home cooked meals and no more laughing and crying with Evi, my maid , my friend, my family.

Honestly this isn’t a true story but I suppose it represents how i picture families in Singapore with maids are like. They become family and without them, kids at home may lose a great friend.

With that, I end my reflection.



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