AEC Week 5 Reflection

What do I like and dislike most about Singapore? Do I possess any of these positive/negative characteristics?


In my point of view, these are some things I feel is positive and negative about Singapore.

  • Safe (positive)

I personally feel that Singapore is a pretty safe country where there is less crime compared to other countries. Take a look at Changi Airport, the inspections and customs are so thorough, which really makes us Singaporeans feel safe and secure. However, despite being a safe country, I feel like we should still be vigilant and alert. We should also be thankful for the people who work hard to protect our country.

  •  Green environment (positive)

One reason why I’m proud to be a Singaporean is because of the green environment we have. Almost wherever you are, look around you and there are trees. During the time of mourning where Mr. Lee Kuan Yew passed on, there was a video on the television of Mr. Lee planting tree, I think that really sparked something in me because he proved that the environment is important and we should protect the earth. Also, just this year, Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar after being nominated but not winning for so many years, but what I really admire about him was how he used his speech to talk about global issues like climate change (you can view his full speech here). I’m glad and thankful that Singapore is a country that cares for the environment but let us not forget that we should continue to do so by using recyclable bags, not littering etc.

  • Racial harmony (positive)

The racial harmony in Singapore is something I’m really proud of as a Singaporean because despite our differences in race and religion, we have come to accept these differences and live together as one. Although there were certain occasions where there were conflicts between races, I’m glad that we celebrate racial harmony day to understand and learn about our different cultures. Coffee shops near HDBs sell food from all different cultures and races hence we get to try them and experience the diversity of food. I feel that diversity is very important because we should be accepting of others and by communicating with people from other races and religions, we become more knowledgeable about their culture, creating a more harmonious society.

  • The importance of art (negative)

Although Singapore has many art places like Singapore Art Museum (SAM), Art Science Museum, National Art Gallery etc, I feel like Singapore is such a fast paced and work-orientated country that art isn’t of much importance and is not much promoted. I think it kind of discourages young creative to do art which I think is very important for teenagers especially because I feel that the teenager phase we are going through is very emotional, confusing and stressful because we are all still trying to figure out who we are, what we want to do in life, thus with art like diaries, painting, drawing etc. it really helps us to take a step back and express ourselves and let our voices be heard. Back in my secondary school, we have a “artquarium” where every month or so we showcase art from different students in the school which I feel was a great way to promote art.

While there are many positive and negative aspects about Singapore, I think that it is important that we as citizens bring about the positive aspects and bring about change for the negative aspects. Change starts from us, I feel that if you want to change something, the first step has to be from you. Lastly, I feel that as a Singaporean, I’m very proud to be living in a safe, green and harmonious environment and I will do my part as a citizen to keep it that way.





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